Fun Pics

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April 2014 - Finn
FINALLY caught that Easter bunny - now I can rest! Finn is nine years old and is just slightly slowing down - but he can still catch that bunny!
Photo sent in by Patsy from Broken Arrow
April 2014 - Dog Testing Group
When a greyhound is ready to find their forever home, we have a few tests for them. We vet them, worm them, and then see if they are cat and small dog safe. This is our dog testing crew from one of our favorite farms. Are they just adorable?
Photo sent in by Teddy from Tulsa
February 2014 - New Family Member
This sweet family just adopted an new family member - Wallermellon - their new brindle sister! Congratulations!
Photo sent in by Jocelyn from Tulsa
December 2013 - Cat Safe?
Maybe we had better cat test this dog again. The cat looks a little nervous! (NOT!)
Photo sent in by Nicola from Santa Cruz
December 2013 - Auntie Ronee
Auntie Ronee is a GREYT babysitter!
Photo sent in by Teri from Enid
December 2013 - Auntie Bleu
Auntie Bleu loves to help out too!
Photo sent in by Teri from Enid
September 2013 - Who is that?
These two sisters are checking out the mirror - Adele is the fawn beauty and Mouse is both white and fawn.
Photo sent in by Leah from Tulsa
August 2013 - Little Men
Christian and Bob's Quick - great little buddies!
Photo sent in by Teri from Enid
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