Heart of America Greyhound Gathering

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Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption is planning the our annual Greyhound Gathering June 20 - 22, 2019, in the heart of greyhound country Abilene, Kansas. We will be celebrating our greyhounds and the people that love them. Come a day early to enjoy exploring Abilene, visiting the antique malls, Old town Abilene, Eisenhower Library, and the famous carousel. Won't you please join us for the Heart of America Greyhound Gathering! The event will be held at Sterl Hall, Abilene's main event venue, and will include many interesting and fun things to do:

  • Farm tours (hounds of all ages, including puppies!)
  • Jack-A-Lure Demonstration
  • National Greyhound Association (NGA) tour
  • Greyhound Hall of Fame Open House
  • Breakfast at the track! Come watch the greyhounds train to race!
  • Special Raffle to work on a greyhound farm!
Information you can use:
  • Guest speakers
  • Educational sessions
  • Greyhound Pets of America Annual Business Meeting on Friday
  • Lively round table discussion
  • Contests, contests and more contests!
  • Lots and lots of games, many involving your hound(s)
  • Paint your own T-shirt Contest
  • Crowning of the Kings and Queens
  • Trophies!
Work on a Greyhound Farm Raffle:
  • This is your opportunity to have hands on experience seeing how a greyhound farm runs. You will be going to a greyhound farm and working alongside the crew from 7am-noon on Thursday, June 20. What an opportunity! Raffle tickets for this experience are $5 each and not one, but TWO winning tickets will be drawn on Sunday, May 25 EDT via video. You may purchase your raffle tickets on the registration page. All proceeds go to Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption.
Memory Basket Silent Auction:
  • Making a Remembrance Basket is your opportunity to share your loving memories of a very special greyhound with all those attending this greyt event. This is such a touching way to share with others the wonders of a greyhound who has been part of your life and has changed your life for the better. What would you say about your heart greyhound? How would you tell others about how that greyhound changed your life and how much you loved him or her? Jot down some notes. Find a greyt photo. Put a basket together that represents your greyhound. The Memory Basket can be anything you want it to be. Please include a short biography of your extraordinary greyhound; don't forget to include a photo. Please email Sharyn Deeringer sdeeringer@gmail.com for more information or details.
  • We all love to do a little shopping! There will be things to wear for you and for your hound, artwork, jewelry, and maybe a surprise or two
Paint Your Own T-shirt Contest:
  • Come share your artistic side with your love of the greyhounds! For only $20, you will receive a white T-shirt with a greyhound outline and all the paint and embellishments you need to make your own masterpiece!

    The contest is a fundraiser for Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Memorial Bell Ceremony:
  • Greyhounds Make Great Pets will be holding a Memorial Bell Ceremony on Saturday, June 22 at Sterl Hall to honor the memory of our beloved departed greyhounds. The Bell Ceremony is a fundraiser for Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption.

    Names can be added to the list of those remembered during the GMGP Bell Ceremony for a donation of $5.00 per name. An individual memorial certificate will be given to each named dog and each family will receive one memorial coin to commerate this event.
  • The Dog Hair Diner will be open to serve your favorite foods - serving lunch daily
  • Banquet meals must be purchased by May 31 for Friday and Saturday evenings
Greyhound Goodies:
  • Door prizes
  • Bag raffles
  • 50/50 drawing
  • Silent auction and of course . . .
  • Our LIVE auction on Saturday afternoon with auctioneer Robert Bacon, an experience not to be missed, whether or not you bid! We have numerous one-of-a-kind pieces of racing history, along with many beautiful greyhound items, JUST FOR YOU!
  • Hotel/Motels: Hotel information is located on the registration page.
  • Camping: We have camping facilities at Sterl Hall with or without electrical hookups. See the registration page for more information.

Come enjoy three days of family, friends and (of course) hounds during this event packed with activities for greyhounds and the people who love them!

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones during a gathering of greyhound lovers we hope will be the best Abilene has ever seen. Not only will you have a great time but the funds raised during the event will benefit HHGA and help keep farm hounds moving to forever homes.

See you in June!

Teddy Palmer and Friends of Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption

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Questions? Please contact our Event Coordinator (Bec Maier) at halfwayhomegreys@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments. top

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