Heartworm Information

  • Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease which, untreated, can be fatal to your dog.

  • Dogs may not show signs of heartworm disease until there are 15 to 19 heartworms around a foot in length living in their heart and lungs. Symptoms include fatigue, weight loss and a chronic cough. By the time these symptoms appear, your dog has probably already incurred permanent damage to his heart and lungs.

  • Successful treatment of heartworm disease requires powerful drugs and is expensive. Additionally, treatment is not always successful in eradicating all stages of heartworms and sometimes has to be repeated.

  • Add these factors up and you can see why prevention is healthier and less expensive than treating heartworm disease.

  • Before giving a heartworm preventative, a blood test should be performed to make sure your dog isn't already infected with heartworms.

  • If the test is negative, your dog can begin taking a heartworm preventative. Some owners only give heartworm preventative during the summer months but in Oklahoma mosquitoes are present about 8 months of the year. The safest course of action is to establish a monthly, year-round schedule of administering heartworm preventative.

Contact us for a comparison of heartworm preventatives and the protection they provide. Some heartworm preventative formulas provide protection against other parasites as well.

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