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Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption is a unique adoption team formed in the spring of 2002 to help dogs that do not have access to greyhound track adoption programs in finding their adoptive homes. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers motivated by our love of the breed and respect for the farms' commitment to the dogs.

In the 13 years since our inception we have built relationships with breeders, owners and trainers. Due to their positive support, greyhounds are being held by the farms until their turn to race into a loving home. Since our inception, we have worked with different greyhound adoption groups to send many Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and Kansas greyhounds throught the United States and Canada.

Our close working relationship with breeding and training farms has given us special insight and knowledge of the breed. We have first-hand knowledge to the lengths these hard-working breeders are willing to go to help place their beloved dogs into homes. We are fortunate in having a collaborative and cooperative effort with the breeders of these magnificent animals.

Our director, Teddy Palmer has over 15 years experience working with retired racing greyhounds. In her former career, she was a human resources specialist which gives her unique experience in working with potential greyhound adopters and greyhound adoption groups.

In 2009, we achieved the largest number of placements in Halfway Home's history which was 667. Currently, we are celebrating the 5,608 greyhounds placed during Halfway Home's history. We are looking forward to another wonderful year in 2015 working with breeders, farms, greyhound adopters and greyhound adoption groups.

Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption is a 501(c)(3) NON-profit organization EIN 04-3734379

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